St Cuthbert Old Chancel, Oborne, Dorset

London Road, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4JY
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A tiny and enchanting survivor

This enchanting small building in golden stone is sandwiched between the A30 and the main train line from London.

Only the chancel survives of the 1553 church, which must have been one of the last to be built before the Reformation. Interesting inscriptions over the east and north windows testify to its origins.

Inside are medieval slip tiles and seventeenth century communion rails, pulpit and monuments; the pillar piscina comes from the redundant church at North Wootton. There are seventeenth-century monuments in the churchyard.

This church costs £2,439.44 per year to maintain. Please help the CCT to maintain this and other churches by making a donation via this link.