Find your Voice

14 Aug 2014

We are embarking on an exciting project that aims to give visitors to churches a fun and empowering way to engage with their surroundings by climbing up into the pulpit and giving a speech.

We’ve provided some inspiration in the form of a few suggested passages to read. For a rousing rhetorical tour-de-force, try bellowing out Winston Churchill’s powerful “we shall fight on the beaches” speech. If you’re in a more peaceful and reflective mood, read out the famous biblical description of true love from 1 Corinthians. Alternatively, participants are encouraged to bring along their own favourite extracts to perform.

Some churches have a special banner and a book with our suggestions, but visitors to any CCT church with an accessible pulpit are encouraged to climb up and read aloud.  If you visit one of our gateway churches (St. Peter’s, Northampton; All Saints, Cambridge and St. John’s, Maddermarket), you might be lucky enough to find some historical headgear to help you get into the spirit of things.

Churches can often feel like serious and intimidating spaces where everyone has to speak in hushed tones, whilst pulpits can often feel out of bounds for most ordinary people, so Find Your Voice provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to challenge their preconceptions and interact with the church in a fun new way.

We’d love to see what moving, inventive or comic ideas for speeches the public come up with, so budding orators are encouraged to film their performances and send a link to the CCT facebook page, tweet it to us @TheCCT, using the hashtag #pulpitprose, or submit it via email to CCT Chairman Loyd Grossman and Chief Executive Crispin Truman will be judging the entries. The best performance will win two tickets to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London, with a backstage tour after the show and the chance to read their speech onstage! A runner up will receive a family audio tour of the House of Commons. Entries must be submitted by Friday 14th of November, and winners will be announced by the end of the month.