Historic Church Tours 2021

Our 2021 programme of Historic Church Tours takes place between June and December 2021. They will showcase our finest historic churches as well as an exciting variety of historic buildings, parish churches, and cathedrals across England.

Whether you would like to explore fantastic stained glass in Shrewsbury, some of our oldest Anglo Saxon & Norman churches, or discover links to the Mayflower Pilgrims over 400 years since the ship first sailed, there is something for everyone. Each of our churches are steeped in history and you are invited to discover them with us!

Below you will find details of all eight tours. For more information, including timings, locations and how to book, simply click on the tour that you are interested in.

Please note all tours will be assessed for Covid safety in line with any Government directions that apply at that point in time with full refunds available in the event of cancellation. 

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