Heritage Open Days: St Augustine's Crafty Medievals, Norwich

St Augustine's Church, Norwich, Norfolk
18th September 2021 - 19th September 2021
Saturday 18 September: 10am - 5pm, Sunday 19 September: 10am - 4pm

Step back in time to experience the sights, smells and sounds of Norwich in the 1300s, as brought to life by the Norwich and Norfolk Medieval Association's demonstrations of everyday medieval activities.

Norwich And Norfolk Medieval Association (NANMA) will be providing a window on everyday life in 14th century Norwich in St Augustine's Churchyard, through demonstrations of period crafts including cookery, calligraphy, illumination, bowyer and siege war.

We hope (covid allowing) to provide 'hands on’ opportunities for both adults and children - have a go at writing with a quill, feel the weight of items of armour, how much can you see from inside a knight's helmet? You can even strike your own medieval coin (Norwich had its own mint until the 11th century). We also have a table of 'curiosities' and challenge you to guess their purpose.

NANMA are a friendly group and are happy to answer questions or just chat about life during this fascinating period. The 'great pestilence or mortality', later known as the 'black death' probably seems much more relevant after our own experience of life in 2020.

The church will also be open throughout the event for visitors to explore and refreshments will be available in the Church Hall. This medieval church, the most northerly in the city, sits in a large churchyard next to a long row of half-timbered, sixteenth-century cottages. Inside are many interesting monuments, including a poignant World War 1 commemoration for a soldier shot for desertion in 1917.


Stuart McLaren
07985 540754

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