Staying Covid-19 Secure

Accessing a church for independent prayer

In response to the Covid-19 national lockdown between 5 November and 2 December, our churches will be closed to the public for general visiting throughout this period. However, as places of worship, we will continue where possible to support the local communities around our churches by providing access for independent prayer.

We care for our 356 churches with the help of over 2000 volunteers, meaning normal opening arrangements for each church are individualised and locally managed. Throughout the lockdown period, the safety of our volunteers is our primary concern. Therefore, access for independent prayer will not always be possible and may vary throughout the period. As a guide to when a church is likely to be open for individual prayer, please refer to the normal opening arrangements listed on the individual church pages of our website. Please note, however, that if you chose to visit a church for independent prayer, local circumstances may mean you find the church closed.

Accessing a Church Safely

All CCT churches that can be accessed for independent prayer have undergone a Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment and measures to support social distancing and additional hygiene are in place.

To help protect each other, we ask those accessing CCT Churches to:
•    Wash or sanitise your hands more frequently
•    Follow the Social Distancing guidelines
•    Wear a face covering, unless you have a good reason not to
•    Not visit if you or someone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19.
Find out more about how our churches are Covid-19 secure with our Frequently Asked Questions, below:

Will there be hand sanitiser at the churches?

We are not able to provide hand sanitiser at all of our churches. Instead we advise that you wash your hands at the earliest opportunity and avoid touching your face. You may also wish to carry your own hand sanitiser.

Do I need to wear a face-covering when accessing CCT Churches?

In line with government guidance, to help protect others, you must wear a face-covering when inside CCT churches, unless you have a good reason not to.

Why have you taken visitor books and other literature away?

To minimise risk of cross-contamination on high-contact areas, we have taken away visitor books, pens and literature.

Can Events Take Place in CCT Churches?

Between 5 November and 2 December, our churches will be closed, including for events. The only exception to this is for funerals. If you would like to hold a funeral in a CCT Church, we can provide you with guidance on how to ensure this can take place safely. Please contact the relevant regional office for more information.

Can we go Champing™?

Our Champing™ season is now closed for this year, but we’re now taking bookings for 2021 We also have gift vouchers available for giving a gift of adventure – just follow the link below. Season dates are from the 26th March until 31st October, with unique churches open all around the country. We are all looking forward to more Champing™ when it’s warmer and brighter, and we very much hope you join us for an exclusive and extraordinary overnight stay in 2021. Please see our Champing website for further information on individual churches and to make your booking: