David Castleton's 'Church Curiosities: Strange Objects and Bizarre Legends' - Paperback


Church Curiosities: Strange Objects and Bizarre Legends by David Castleton - £8 + postage and packaging (£4)

In churches and cathedrals across Britain, tucked away among ordinary items such as pews, screens, and pulpits, sit a plethora of fascinating and unexpected objects. From dragon-slaying spears and the ribs of monstrous cows, to pagan altars, reindeer horns, and mummified skulls, these curiosities have intrigued generations of visitors. In this captivating history, David Castleton explores this fascinating world of lepers' squints, pancake bells, virgin garlands and sanctuary knockers, and unravels the tales, legends, and folkloric ceremonies that lay behind these charming and often deeply unusual artifacts.

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