Visitor Welcome Volunteer - Bristol

Non paid
St John on the Wall, Bristol

This will suit people who have an enthusiastic and friendly manner, enjoy meeting people, like operating as part of a team but able to work on their own.

About the role

As a Visitor Welcome Volunteer you will provide a welcoming presence to visitors and play an important role in telling the stories of the church and the people associated with it. We are looking for friendly and approachable individuals with some interest in local heritage and a desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge. This role is suitable for all, particularly those interested in heritage and history.

About the place

St John n the Wall Church is part of the very fabric of Bristol - it was built into the city walls in the 14th-century, acting both as part of the city's defences, and as a place for travellers to offer prayers before a journey. As you walk down the slope of Broad Street, the view of the Gothic city gate with the elegant perpendicular spire of St John's rising above is stunning. Monuments in the chancel and in the vaulted crypt beneath, testify to the wealth and business activity of the city in Medieval times and later.

2015 is an exciting year for St John's, and you can be a part of its success story. There will be many opportunities to help develop the church as a visitor site and make it a major player on the tourist map in Bristol.

What's involved?

  • Collecting the key from a nearby key-holder (2 minutes walk away)
  • Opening the doors and putting out the A-board.
  • Being present in the church at all times whilst the door is open
  • Locking the church when done and returning the key.
  • Filling in an online rota to let us know when you will be in the church and to ensure that there is always at least one other volunteer present with you.
  • Greeting visitors, communicating an enthusiasm for the church and its history.
  • Monitoring all matters affecting the church's contents, its use and enjoyment by visitors, and reporting back concerns as appropriate.
  • Ensuring a positive experience for visitors by answering queries, encouraging discussion and promoting our work.
  • Being conversant with and capable of implementing emergency fire, evacuation and accident procedures.
  • Following security procedures to prevent theft or damage.
  • Being an active part of the volunteer team, supporting your peers and attending training workshops where necessary.
  • Becoming familiar with and following our Health and Safety Policy at all times. You will be given a health and safety briefing when you start and there is written guidance in the church.

Support/training: You will be given a thorough induction by our Visitor Welcome Team Leader (volunteer) and Volunteering Officer (staff). You will receive ongoing close support from the Visitor Welcome Team Leader and Volunteering Officer and our existing Visitor Welcome volunteers, many of whom are longstanding volunteers.
The Visitor Welcome volunteers at St John's meet on a monthly basis and there is a monthly email update specifically for the team.  There will be opportunities to attend training and other events and workshops and any other specific training needs will be considered.

There will be a full time member of staff to support you in your role based at St Thomas' church, 6 minutes walk from St John's.

Time commitment: Flexible. Volunteers are required to sign up for shifts (usually 3 - 4 hours) in advance using the online rota. Most volunteers do a weekly session, but one session monthly could be considered a minimum particularly over the spring and summer season.

Expenses: Out-of-pocket travel costs between home and volunteering place will be paid, and other reasonable expenses agreed in advance.

No of positions available:

Ed McGregor
07872 502 118