Music and Events Coordinator at St John's Stamford

Voluntary role
Flexible hours
St John's Stamford
St John's Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire

The church of St John's Stamford sits at the heart of Stamford and is loved by thousands of visitors every year. As the church that Malcolm Sargent played the organ when young this church has a history synonymous with music and performance.

In this role you can help raise money to care for this church and attract new audiences by helping us to host concerts, network and create links in the town with performers. Your Local Community Officer will support you, providing guidance and training where required. You will have great flexibility and an opportunity to really make the role your own.

The role also includes day-to-day tasks such as:

Reading the utility meters, sometimes cash handling, keeping the church in a state of good presentation and talking to visitors.

Please get in touch with Alison Pearce to have a chat.

07900 685796