Historic Church Trails Assistant. Wiltshire, North Somerset and Bristol.

No set hours but a minimum of 2 hours a week would be a good starting point.

Title of role: Historic Church Trails Assistant.

Team: CCT West Regional Team

Location: Various. There are 29 CCT Churches between the three counties Bristol (3), North Somerset (5) and Wiltshire (21). 


About the project:

The Churches Conservation Trust is custodian to an internationally significant collection of churches across England. Many of these churches are linked together in clusters by footpaths, bridleways, rivers or cycle-ways, making idyllic days out for a wide range of audiences.

Main purpose of the role: Your role will be to research, plan and document historic church trails which will take visitors on enlightening journeys into, and between, CCT Churches. These trails will be hosted on our website and could be taken to production in leaflet form with the ultimate aim of exposing new audiences to heritage, improving the visitor experience at our churches , and raising donations for the Churches Conservation Trust. This role has been designed to be achievable within a short time scale and is perfect for someone looking for a short term role, such as students on their summer holidays. It is also a role which can be done from home in a socially distanced and Covid-19 secure manner.

What’s involved?

  • Researching and documenting the best routes to get in-between CCT churches using footpaths, cycle-ways, waterways, scenic roads and any other imaginative form of transport you can think of! 
  • Where applicable making contact with owners of routes (for instance Thames Pathways) to seek permissions.
  • Taking information from the various sources, including the existing church guidebook, to put together a very short synopsis of each church to entice the trail goers on to the next church. 
  • Working with your Local Community Officer to develop creative and exciting ways of telling the stories of the church and making them appealing to a wide range of audiences.
  • Once you've produced a draft for the written trail your Local Community Officer will work with you to identify the best platform for sharing these (for example the 'Walks' section of the CCT website, Google Tours, Izi Travel, etc). A moderate level of IT literacy will probably be helpful for this.
  • There is potential to offer in person scheduled guided tours of churches as part of your trails, as and when we are allowed to open our churches to visitors again. This would invovle scheduling dates when you will offer guided tours, and with the help of your Local Community Officer, advertising these locally and on the CCT website.
  • Being an active part of the volunteer team, supporting your peers and attending training workshops where necessary or a need is indentified.
  • Becoming familiar with and following the Trust’s Health and Safety Policy at all times
    This will suit people who enjoy walking / riding / cycling and visiting historic buildings, who like operating as part of a team but able to work on their own initiative and who are keen to promote heritage in their local area. Creative individuals with a knack communicating with a wide range of audiences in a variety of styles will be very successful in this role. A passion for helping others learn about history is essential. You'll need a love for the great outdoors and your own transport - whether by bike, car, foot or whatever form your trail takes. A moderate level of IT literacy would be helpful.  
  • You will receive a half day induction course and introduction to your role. This welcome meeting will also be an opportunity to explore your hopes, expectations and requirements.
  • There will be a full time member of CCT staff to support you in your role.
  • You'll be entitled to claim expenses as part of your volunteering including transport costs.
  • You will be part of a team of volunteers in similar roles across the West of England and have the opportunity to join group meetings / social events (both online and off) including our Annual Volunteer Conference.
Ed McGregor
07872 502 118