Volunteer Church Sitter - St John's Bristol

Voluntary role
St John on the Wall, Bristol

Do you have spare time to give, love reading or just spending time in historic buildings? Are you willing to make a small commitment in return for a big impact?

About the role

It's very simple really: Pick up the keys to the church, open up, sit back and enjoy the sacred atmosphere of the building or read a book for as short or as long a time as you like and then close and lock the doors and return the key.
We have a team of Visitor Welcome Volunteers who provide guided tours and welcome visitors, so you don't need to do this (unless you want to of course!)

About the place

St John's is part of the very fabric of Bristol - it was built into the city walls in the 14th-century, acting both as part of the city's defences, and as a place for travellers to offer prayers before a journey. As you walk down the slope of Broad Street, the view of the Gothic city gate with the elegant perpendicular spire of St John's rising above is stunning. Monuments in the chancel and in the vaulted crypt beneath, testify to the wealth and business activity of the city in Medieval times and later.
2015 is an exciting year for St John's, and you can be a part of its success story. There will be many opportunities to help develop the church as a visitor site and make it a major player on the tourist map in Bristol.

What's involved?

  • Collecting the key from a nearby key-holder (2 minutes walk away)
  • Opening the doors and putting the A board out.
  • Being present in the church at all times whilst the door is open
  • Locking the church when done and returning the key.
  • Filling in an online rota to let the CCT know when you will be in the church and to ensure that there is always at least one other volunteer present with you.
  • Becoming familiar with and following the Trust’s Health and Safety Policy at all times. You will be given a health and safety briefing when you start and there is written guidance in the church

Support and training: As part of your induction you will receive a welcome meeting and explore your hopes, expectations and requirements.

There will be a full time member of staff to support you in your role based at St Thomas' church, 5 minutes walk from St John's.

You will also be part of a wider team of 30+ volunteers based at these two churches who meet on a monthly basis and receive a monthly email update specifically for the team. There will be opportunities to attend training and other events and workshops and any other specific training needs will be considered.

Expenses: Out-of-pocket travel costs between home and volunteering place will be paid, and other reasonable expenses agreed in advance

No of positions available:

Ed McGregor
07872 502 118