Seasonal Suppers

Have fun entertaining your friends and help to raise funds to save historic churches...

This year join our Seasonal Suppers campaign and raise funds to save and support historic churches.

The jist of the idea is to get some friends together to host a party; you could invite people who are interested in your historic church too. We have some support packs to help you host your supper, from easy and informal to more ambitious!

Choose one of our below Supper Ideas and our community fundraisers we will help you host the evening, and provide you with some 'ingredients' to make the evening go well.

  • POT LUCK - Everyone brings a small dish and donates a sealed gift to support our work
  • SAFARI SUPPER - each course of the meal is provided in a different home, perhaps finishing at the church with a coffee and brandy!
  • COME DINE WITH US - the most ambitious! A small group of friends cook a dinner party for each other in their own homes, with donations made to the hosts for the church.
Download our Seasonal Suppers guide.

For more details contact your Regional Community Fundraiser. We will help you get your party started!

  • The West Midlands, the Westcountry, Oxon, Hants and Berks: Blair Chadwick on or 07469 856925
  • The East Midlands, North East, North West, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northumberland: Mahalia France-Mir on  or 07469 853476
  • The South East and East Anglia: Simon Wiles on or 07469 857546