Thatch Under Threat at Hales and Heckingham

Two of our five thatched Norfolk churches are in urgent need of roof repairs work, thanks in part to those notorious masters of heritage crime: birds!

St Margaret’s in Hales, and St Gregory’s in Heckingham are both beautiful Grade I listed churches, situated just a mile apart. Their thatched roofs are being constantly weakened by these winged builders, who peck away the thatch for their nests, revealing the roofs’ base boards and generally weakening the structures.

We need to make urgent repairs to these churches’ roofs: if we don’t, we run the risk of rotten timbers and decays to the historic interiors through water ingress.  This would be catastrophic for both churches, but particularly St Margaret’s, which contains a number of beautiful medieval wall paintings.

With your help, we’ll be able to remove the existing roof ridges and netting, and refix and repair the thatch using Norfolk reed.  We’ll then fit a new wrap over the ridges, which will be cut to a traditional Norfolk pattern, and then cover the roofs in galvanized netting, which will hopefully persuade the birds to look elsewhere for their nesting materials!

The total cost of the two projects is £24,900.  We’ve managed to secure £9,474 through local fundraising and our own contribution, and have but we still need to raise a further £15,426.

Please help us reach our target! 

By donating to this project, you’ll be playing a really important role in the survival of these two delightful churches.

Thank you.