Little Hormead: one of England's oldest doors

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Little Hormead, Hertfordshire

Inside the church of St Mary’s in Little Hormead lies one of the oldest doors in England, believed to date from 1130 to 1150.

The door features beautiful iron strapping including figures of a bird and a dragon and in 1984 was exhibited at the Hayward Gallery as part of the Romanesque Art exhibition.

In 2009 we invested significant funding to conserve the historic fabric of the door. The door was conserved within the church as it was considered too delicate to move and since that time the church has not been regularly accessible. Since then we have been faced with the challenge of how to mount the door for visitors to view.

This project will enable the church to be accessible once again with the support of local volunteers. If we can raise £5,000 to mount the door within St Mary’s we can reopen the church, allowing visitors to once again view this wonderful piece of history, without damaging the building's historic fabric.