2021 Annual Appeal: Heritage Skills

All of our 356 historic churches are unique and special. A wealth of traditional skills and crafts went into their construction and so their conservation draws on a range of specialist expertise. One of our aims at the Churches Conservation Trust is to promote and keep alive the traditional heritage and crafts skills that all of our extraordinary buildings rely on for survival.

The shortfall in traditional skills and an ageing workforce throughout England has been highlighted for some time. Some of the skills under threat include traditional joinery, lime plastering, stone masonry, thatching and glazing. If we do not act there is a real risk that these skills could be lost.

Our 2021 Annual Appeal focuses on ensuring that we can continue to support these trades, both now and in the future. Your donations directly enable conservation work which makes a huge contribution - already this year, through the Heritage Stimulus Fund, CCT has employed more than 70 firms of local heritage contractors and subcontractors, each giving direct and indirect employment to over 300 trades and craftspeople around the country.

We are also acutely aware that the training and education of a new generation of skilled workforce is vital. Apprenticeships sponsored through our regeneration programme invest in the teaching of these skills we so desperately need to keep our churches and other historic buildings well looked after long into the future.

To further raise awareness of our heritage, and foster a love of historic buildings, our Heritage Learning Team also champion these skills with school workshops. We know through our experience that offering these opportunities can inspire a long-term interest in a historic site.

Your donation can make the most incredible difference - not only to the future of our churches but to the livelihood of talented craftsmen and women, and to the continuation of this expertise and specialist traditional knowledge. Here are a few ways your donation could help us: