Planning and Holding Events

We've put together a dowloadable guide which contains all you need to know.

With the regularly changing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that planning and holding events in CCT churches might seem a little daunting, We've put together a downloadable guide that contains all you need to know to be able to hold events, including religious services, safely in our churches. Alongside the guide, please have a look at our bitesize videos which take you through the steps involved in planning and holding an event.

Confidence in Events Pack.pdf


How to complete a risk assessment Providing refreshments Cleaning factsheet Religious services


1. The basics of running an event safely

2. Working Out How Many People Can Attend Your Event

3. Preparing for your event

4. Face Coverings

5. Supporting people to arrive and leave your event safely

6. Supporting NHS Test and Trace

7. Find out more