We firmly believe in remembering where you’ve come from to move forward, so our space inspires contemplation as well as creativity. Proud of our history, but optimistic and curious about the future – Seventeen Nineteen is turning the past into new possibilities.

Collaborating with the community and surrounding cultural networks, our vibrant, multifaceted space is one that brings people together – to celebrate, meet, make, learn, perform and explore.

Uncovering the hidden possibilities of Seventeen Nineteen, we’re creating new connections and bringing the community together through regeneration, reminiscence and pride.

Our project is far from isolated. Sunderland’s heritage and cultural network allows us to open a gateway to vibrant activities and create new opportunities for locals as well as curious visitors. Through joint initiatives and passionate partnerships, we can shout about our history from the towers and proudly put our living history on the map!

With so much to learn and discover, we’re excited to surprise people with this magnificent space in our city by the sea.