What our volunteers say

We asked some of our volunteers to give us some opinions about the type of work they have been involved in and their experience of volunteering for us.

3 Cathedral Campers wearing facemasks and gloves







Photo above: 'We've just done a spot of dusting in the bell tower.'
Andy (Cathedral Camp Volunteer)

'It's a great thing when you get the building used and you see the place full of people.'
(Friends group committee member)

'We were all working over the weekend on the churchyard at a church called Wolfhamcote. On Sunday morning quite a lot of locals came past walking their dogs. They all spoke to us and were really pleased that we were doing something with their church - it made me feel really good inside.'
(Young volunteer from a Homeless Project)

'I enjoyed my first day as a volunteer so much that I was the last person to leave the church!'
Claire (Volunteer)

'Now that I am retired I have some spare time on my hands during the week. I've always had a love for this church and now I'm able to do something tangible by being a volunteer here'
Alan (Retired teacher)

'It's a bit different on this camp with things like geophysics. It's not a normal Cathedral Camp thing, but it's absolutely brilliant.'
(Cathedral Camp Leader)

'Although I've got a good degree, I know the experience that I've gained as a volunteer here, will vastly improve my chances of getting a job in a heritage organisation. It's also given me extra confidence.'
David (Volunteer at a residential experience)

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